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Infra structure

Convenience store

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For convenience of its guests and visitors, Marina Park Hotel has planned stores, meeting the most diverse preferences, from handicrafts, beachwear, tobacco and jewelry.


  • Helipad approved by the ANAC.
  • T o takeoff and landing permission is required from the hotel.

VIP room

Prepared for the Check In and VIP guests meetings, provides a quick and personalized service. It is on the 2nd floor furnished with conference table and sofa.

Marina Kids

Space and equipped with monitors to meet children 02-12 years. (children under 05 years accompanied by a parent). With TV, DVD, video game, assembly toy, educational toys, mini play groud and monitors. For guest service is free and will be registration at check in.

Business hours:
Monday to Saturday (08h to 22h)
Sunday (08h to 19h)


The Hotel has parking for 700 vehicles, and 200 in covered garage plus the internal parking for tour buses.