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The Land of the Sun

When it is said that the sun was born for all, it seems to be speaking specifically of Ceará. This is because, throughout the year, a vast area of ​​coastline, serra and sertão remains illuminated and heated, providing residents and visitors with a diversity of climates, tastes and flavors to be unraveled.

In such an environment, it would be impossible for Cearense not to squander sympathy, good humor and, of course, a lot of hospitality, factors that have made the State one of the main touristic routes of the country.

Costa do Sol Sunset

Just off the coast, there are 573 kilometers of very characteristic beaches. Dunes, cliffs, coconut trees, and native vegetation guarantee very distinct but equally paradisiacal scenarios. Some beauties have already been consecrated, such as Jericoacoara or Canoa Quebrada , but there is still much to be visited. In this group, Mundaú, Fleixeiras, Lagoinha, Taíba, Praia das Fontes, Camocim, among many others.

It is worth mentioning that much of the coastal area is endowed with tourist infrastructure, providing an easy access and a good stay. Thus, hotels, inns, restaurants and theme parks receive tourists from various regions of the world, leaving them looking forward to the next season. To travel along the coast of Ceará, the Routes of the Rising Sun and the Sun Sunset connect Fortaleza to the beaches of the east and west respectively.

Future beach

In addition to the natural beauties scattered throughout the state, Ceará has a capital that in itself already deserves a visit.

Praia do Futuro is sure of a unique sea, with sun practically the whole year, inviting always for a refreshing dip. However, the attraction does not stop in the morning. In the late afternoon, the sun sets, dividing the sky with the moon, in a wonderful spectacle of nature.

Bridge of the Englishs

A visit to the Bridge of the English, better known as the Metallic Bridge, is a good opportunity to contemplate the sunset feeling the waves that hit the metal structure wet the feet of the visitors, and watching the surfers venturing into the sea, mixed with some dolphins that occasionally appear there.

Scattered across the bridge, passionate couples or teenagers with their guitars, give a melancholy but romantic air to the place.

Nightlife in Fortaleza

For the night, a new ballad every day of the week. Places for a good night out, as well as party styles, are quite varied. When it comes to composing the night script, is it worth checking out places like the Pirate Bar? known as the most lively Monday in the world?, Mucuripe Club and Orbit, not to mention the bars of the Dragão do Mar Cultural Center with its museums, cinemas and theaters.

On some days of the week, fun is also guaranteed for the evening, when many stalls offer the traditional crab and lots of music in the moonlight.

Sea shore

Walking along the sea, you come to the promenade of the famous Avenida Beira-Mar.

The walk means not only exercising but also seeing a lot of beautiful people completing a splendid scenery.

Tents and kiosks spread over much of the waterfront, sharing space with artisans who give diverse displays of local productions.

Costume jewelry, clothes, footwear and regional food can be found in Feirinha da Beira-Mar, serving as good memories for those who came in passing.


In the land of Chico Anysio, Renato Aragão and Tom Cavalcante , humor is not lacking. Every day, bars and restaurants liven up the night with the presence of consecrated comrades in the land.

Rossicléia, Adamastor Pitaco, Lailtinho Brega, Paulo Diógenes and Zé Modesto are some of those who divulge the grace of Ceará, involving the tourists in very creative and witty jokes.


The craftsmanship is always a good reminder of the stay in a certain place. In Fortaleza, lace, colorful sand, art in pottery and costume jewelry eternalize the passage through Ceará.

In the Capital, the Central Market, the Craft Center (CeArt) and the Avenida Beira-mar are right spots where the tourist will find these and several other souvenirs from Ceará.